An enduring classic, Julia has a lot going for it: ancient roots but a modern, fashionable feel, simplicity and sophistication, and connections to both saints and celebs, including actress Julia Roberts and Saint Julia of Corsica. The elegant Julia's one of the least problematic choices a parent could make.

Julia was an ancient Roman imperial name given to females in the house of a Julius, as in Caesar. Julia is also Shakespearean, Dickensian, Orwellian, and Harry Potter-related. The ground-breaking 1960s TV show Julia was the first to feature a non-stereotypical African American woman. Celebrity chef Julia Childs is a notable namesake.

Julia has been in the US Top 150 since Social Security records have been kept. Now at Number 86, it's even more popular internationally—Number 3 in Poland and the Netherlands, 11 in Spain, and in the Top 45 in Canada, Belgium, France, Norway, and Ireland.

If you think Julia is too simple, you might want to move to Juliet, Juliette, or Juliana, or even the Italian Giulia. Sixties short form Julie has segued from cute to middle-aged. Jules is much more current.